I'm back for a bit...

A Quick Hello

Ooh... so it's been a damn long time, right? Well, for any of you who were watching once, long ago I thought that I'd drop you a line. The Boy and I have been over for almost a year. In fact, on 10.13.06 it will be a year. Something to jump up and down about.

I'm beginning to wonder why I bothered in the first place but I can't tell you that I didn't learn a heck of a lot. I know a bunch more now and though I still see myself drifting towards the same types of mistakes every now and again I've been more successful in really letting myself go.

In the meantime I'm going to stay single until I find that I absolutely must be with someone. That someone will be tested and re-tested by caring friends because I literally cannot judge a book with or without it's cover.

Good day all. I hope all is well in your particular postal code.


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